MMXIV: Turning Pages

Turning Pages

Welcome 2014, we’ve been expecting you!

Turning the page on a passing year always fills us with excitement here at mCubed. We view it as an opportunity to step back from the perpetual momentum we work in and reflect on the sum of the year’s projects, our accomplishments and our missteps. This, we feel at least, is not only a means of self-evaluation but a crucial step towards carving our roadmap for the year ahead.

Perhaps it’s the fact we work in a city built around the ruins of Ancient Greece, evidence of which is visible all around us daily, or perhaps it’s simply the attraction of like minds that brought us together. Whatever the cause, there are threads of philosophy woven deeply into the work culture of mCubed. One such thread is the ideal of existing in a constant state of becoming, as opposed to being; of evolving by building on the past in order to better realize the future. After all, we work in industries and with mediums that not only advance at a rapid pace, but constantly reshape the way they communicate with each other and the rest of the world.

Fresh synapses are formed daily all around us, from company mergers and acquisitions, to the latest API update of a platform enabling its data to be interacted with in new ways. If we remain in a state of being, content with our tried-and-true methodology and accomplishments, we would inevitably join the ranks of agencies that fall under the wheels of progress. Worse, we would miss the opportunity to connect with and impact the landscape of media around us in meaningful ways, and our innate desire to do so is one of the core bonds we share at mCubed.

In this spirit of becoming, our first in-house development this year has been the launch of our new website, which you’re currently visiting. The reason behind this wasn’t simply a desire for a face-lift, even though we did put ourselves under our own knife last year in re-branding mCubed, but instead was the need for a flexible framework that can adapt to our ever-changing needs. Collaborating with our US partner in New York, Ouroboros Media Group, and building on their proprietary ÆON CMS, we’ve co-developed the foundation for our site (aptly codenamed ÆON³). We’re very pleased with the results so far, and we welcome your feedback as the platform develops.

The paint’s still fresh and we’ve many features in the works that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months, so we ask you bear with us as we migrate and expand the site. Soon we’ll be sharing our updated portfolio, showcasing both older and recent work (barring NDA’s), as well as providing a few in-depth case studies of projects we feel are worth highlighting. You can also look forward to some of our existing features being rebooted (such as the m³ newswire service), as well as new ones still being formulated on the blackboard of the mCubed lab.

We hope you’re as excited about 2014 as we are; it has all the makings of a memorable year, full of innovation and upcoming breakthroughs in numerous fields. And as always, we plan on being at the front line, guiding our clients through potential pitfalls and forging new roads ahead.