An Elite Premium Food & Beverage company specializing in the luxury goods market. In 2012 it launched its flagship product, an Elite Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil released in a strictly limited supply of numbered bottles each year.

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The Project

When we took on the ANOTHOS account, we were asked to create a brand and product that would stand at the very top tier of the luxury food industry. Due to its very scarce supply it needed a careful marketing and branding strategy that would enable its expansion while maintaining its elite “off-the-radar” status.

The Work

Market Research
Market Strategy
Brand Development

Stage 01

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Product Development
Printing & Packaging

Stage 02

Content Strategy
Speech Writing

Stage 03

Photo Shooting
Graphic Design
Video Production

Stage 04

Marketing Strategy
Product Placement
Press Campaign
Event Management

Stage 05

Getting to Know the Market

We started with in-depth market research in order to locate the proper targeting for the ANOTHOS brand and product. Focusing on market segmentation, consumer trends, premiumization mapping, and competition analysis, we were able to locate an untapped market; that of luxury gifts. Our research indicated a void in this sector, as alcohol was no longer the preferred gift choice due to social concerns. This meant that we were given a rare opportunity to create a 100% natural product that could compete head-on with the finest cognacs and single malts. Instead of struggling to find its place in the dense shelves of gourmet stores alongside other EVOOs, ANOTHOS would position itself as no other EVOO ever had.

Building the Brand

Finding the right market for ANOTHOS was just the first step. Building a strong brand to position in that market was our next task, utilizing a multi-tiered development process. We used a customized brand questionnaire to receive information regarding the company’s vision, origin, and inspiration points. From that we were able to unearth the core values, principles, and mission of the brand, which we then translated into a solid concept. This concept allowed us to develop a strong brand narrative that told the ANOTHOS story. A brand interested in creating elite premium products not meant for the kitchen; a brand firmly guided by purity, preservation, and timelessness. Having outlined the differential points of ANOTHOS we moved on to the creation of its first assets. Paying immense attention to the creative and artistic direction, we developed the company’s brand book and style guide manuals. Armed with a distinct style and a unique identity, ANOTHOS now had a voice, a presence, a story, and a plan of action.

Creating the Product

Since the inaugural product of ANOTHOS would be competing with fine spirits and trying to claim a share of the luxury gift sector, its packaging would have to convey the appropriate amount of opulence and offer a unique set of USPs to achieve that. The packaging synthesis needed to somehow reflect how precious and scarce the liquid it contained was, and the amount of effort put in its creation. There were also technical concerns to keep in mind such as light exposure that could damage the olive oil. Trying to address all the concerns raised, we designed a packaging synthesis that played off the core values and principles of the brand.

In order to preserve longstanding traditions and techniques, we commissioned local craftsmen to handcraft each element of the ANOTHOS packaging. Each bottle was decorated with a uniquely crafted bronze jewel acting as the ANOTHOS crest and solidifying the brand name. The scarce supply of this elite EVOO was represented with the numbering of bottles, the numeric imprint of which was engraved by hand at the bottom level of each jewel. The olive oil was protected by dressing each bottle with a handcrafted leather garment. This not only shielded the olive oil from unwanted light exposure, but also permitted the ANOTHOS EVOO to showcase its unique color, an accent of its early harvest quality. The entirety of the product was then encased in a handcrafted gift box, further enhancing its luxury gift sector targeting, and further distancing this product from the kitchen.

The ANOTHOS packaging requires more than ten different local craftsmen’s expertise for its creation, making it a true collector’s item.

Crafting the Bespoke Solution

Since the objective was to launch the ANOTHOS EVOO as a truly innovative luxury gift solution, we developed a series of bespoke treatments, in specifically-approved sections of the packaging synthesis. Calligraphers could now offer the imprint of the recipient’s name and initials on the bottle’s leather garment and neck. The gift box itself allowed for complimentary or gratitude notes on its lid, while the bottom corner could feature the engraving of company logos in predefined dimensions so as not to conflict with the ANOTHOS branding. This was done to enhance corporate sales and business gifts, which were a key target point for the ANOTHOS sales strategy. Further utilizing the USPs embedded in the packaging, the bespoke solution even allowed for the bronze jewel to be forged in 18k white or yellow gold upon request. The numeric imprints of each bottle – which indicated the annual seasonal supply – gave ANOTHOS clients the opportunity to reserve particular numbers with a special significance to them or to the recipients being gifted this rare EVOO. This assisted greatly with the sales and presales of this product since it instigated a “reserve a bottle” mentality.

Designing the Content

The assets required for ANOTHOS needed to follow the same quality and workmanship as all other aspects of the brand. Relying on strong creative direction, we succeeded in producing the desired imagery. We accentuated the handcrafting process by scheduling dedicated photo shoots at the location of each craftsman’s workshop. Not wanting to interrupt their workflow, we asked them to craft each element in real time, and worked as discreetly as possible so as to capture their technique. We developed several themes for our still life photography, each frame meant to create a particular ambiance and environment for the ANOTHOS EVOO. Taking under consideration the multiple uses each of these images would have, we produced a series of pack shots with alternating backgrounds so as to assist both print and web design.

Once the ANOTHOS photo book was compiled, the design process commenced. We outlined the assets we needed to create and composed their necessary copy in the right style. The art direction was inspired by the brand colors and packaging materials used, as we wanted to somehow carry over the weight of the product both on its print and digital assets. Booklets, manuals, labels, product kits, fact sheets, print ads, and presentations were just a few of the assets created, all meant to communicate the story of ANOTHOS.

Getting the Word Out

The marketing strategy needed to be carefully crafted, as the product’s limited supply and elite status could not be compromised. This meant highly-selective exposure and absolutely measurable results. We worked closely with the ANOTHOS team and analyzed the sales strategy in place. From there we created a marketing plan that could penetrate the desired territories, place the product in locations that would reach key demographics, and find solutions to expand its network through word-of-mouth tactics. We brokered a deal with Astir Palace, a 5-star Starwood property in Athens, and arranged for the ANOTHOS EVOO to be displayed in its main lobby. We designed a high-end display case that integrated a tablet-based interactive experience, showcasing every element of the product. Guests and visitors could then be redirected to the concierge desk for purchases. In order to further promote the quality and unique taste of the EVOO, the hotel’s executive chef specially created an ANOTHOS menu available only for private dining. This meant that its elite status was enhanced, as only distinguished guests of the hotel were given the option to taste the specific menu. We boosted this collaboration by running a joint press campaign, announcing the Astir Palace exclusive partnership with ANOTHOS. Through our wire service, we carefully targeted media in strategic territories and industry sectors. Knowing this campaign would attract attention, we prepared a media kit containing an extensive FAQ section, a quick chat with the founder of ANOTHOS analyzing the true vision of the brand, and select still life and pack shot images to circulate in the press. This became a valuable asset as the exposure received was absolutely measurable and controlled.

In order to support corporate sales, we assisted ANOTHOS in sponsoring a CEO Club event. This was inherently a closed networking opportunity that we deemed highly appropriate for the ANOTHOS brand, as it only showcased the product to the most prominent CEOs of the country. Being chosen as one of the most innovative products of the year, ANOTHOS was given the opportunity to open the event with its own presentation. We created a one-minute video highlighting the key points of ANOTHOS and its growing reputation. This networking event not only achieved great exposure for the product but also translated into a remarkable conversion, as corporate gift contracts were struck between several CEOs and ANOTHOS.

The overall marketing direction implemented for the ANOTHOS brand and product has relied on sound strategy and careful planning. Keeping the brand value in mind, all campaigns launched succeeded in reaching the desired types of clients while avoiding over-exposure. Till this day we work closely with the each ANOTHOS distributor to customize the marketing tactics implemented in each territory.

Evaluating the Outcome

The flagship product of ANOTHOS managed to penetrate 7 international markets within 7 months of its launch, signing exclusive contracts with distributors in each territory. Its corporate sales soared due to its bespoke solution, which till this day remains its highest grossing add-on service. Most of its supply is reserved by the loyal customer base it has created. This has allowed ANOTHOS to be very selective in its expansion, enjoying the option to reject prospects that cannot advance its brand name and product properly. Through a very effective and careful strategy, the ANOTHOS brand succeeded in establishing itself at the very top of its tier, and is considered to be one of the most elite and premium olive oils in the world. It truly did go where no other EVOO ever has.