Gourmet Experts

Gourmet Experts is a Swedish gourmet house specializing in olive oil, balsamic and fruit vinegar, salt, spices, coffee, rice, and chocolate. Spending more than 600 hours, annually, evaluating new products for its portfolio, Gourmet Experts represents some of the most exclusive brands in the Premium and Ultra Premium sectors in the Scandinavian market.

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Our Tasks

  • Brand Development: Brand narrative, brand values, company bio, USP list, company mission, and company profile.
  • Creative Direction: Concept development for all brand assets, campaigns, and marketing material.
  • Art Direction: Development of all artwork required for brand assets and marketing material.
  • Email Setup: Company email setup and configuration for all company email accounts.
  • Social Media Setup: Custom-designed pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram.
  • Content Strategy: Detailed outline of all content required for Social Media Campaigns.
  • Marketing Strategy: Fully developed marketing plan with budget allocation and media planning.
  • Copywriting: Articles, taglines, campaign messages, product descriptions, company profile, presentations, and brand guidelines.
  • Design & Layout: Product catalog design, company profile, selection manual, digital submission application sheet.
  • Web Development: UX, UI, and coding of company website, eshop, and blog.
  • Brand Management: Sponsorships, events & openings, product placements, and general promotion.

Skills Involved

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • HTML 5.0
  • CSS 3.0