A leather goods company specializing in the creation of handmade leather products. One of the oldest leather workshops in the city of Athens, in 2013 it launched its very first fashion line of handbags.

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The Project

In light of its newly-designed fashion line, the company needed to rebrand itself without being distanced from its history and well-earned reputation. It wanted to communicate a new era for the business, while paying tribute to the traditional crafting techniques, immense expertise, and loyal customer base it had gained throughout the years. While offline sales remained strong, its online presence was virtually non-existent. The company was looking to reach a younger and more urban demographic, as it took its first steps in e-commerce.

The Work

Brand Development
Logo Design
Marketing Strategy

Stage 01

Creative Direction
Art Direction

Stage 02

Graphic Design
Photo Shooting
Printing & Packaging

Stage 03

Web Development
UX / UI Design
Brand Management

Stage 04

Revamping the Brand

Paying great respect to the company’s longstanding history, we carefully started our ideation phase. The concepts were meant to accentuate the meticulous craftsmanship associated with the brand, while creating a fresh identity for its new fashion line. We absolutely wanted to take advantage of the literal sense of “branding,” and this is why each series of logo treatments we developed were specifically designed to be embossed on the leather itself. This required a more minimalist direction with clean lines, capable of conveying elegance and style. Seeking an iconic representation with strong brand-name recognition, we explored themes revolving around the essence of a lion. Through multiple rounds of refinement, the new Lionmark logo was finalized and ready to be used in production. We created style guides, mold templates, product labels, and of course new stationary to start promoting the revamped Lionmark look.

Relaying the Story

A third generation of cobblers, the Lionmark story began many decades ago with a small shop founded by the grandfather of the operation. The handcrafting element, therefore, was a key component defining each of its creations, as was the authenticity, quality, and selection of leather used. A true family tradition, the company – now launching its very own collection – was essentially bringing the weight of its legacy to the 21st century. Creating the visuals to support this story was therefore very important. We needed to convey the manual labor each Lionmark creation required, without making the items seem dated. We needed to highlight the fine craftsmanship the Lionmark name was associated with, while integrating the modern designs of its new collection. We needed to strike a balance between Lionmark’s past and future; we needed to sculpt its timelessness.

Starting from the raw material itself, we used extreme close-ups of the leather, zooming in on its fine details, textures, and patterns, as these were precisely the type of details the Lionmark name paid attention to. Our copy outlined, in detail, the selection process implemented by the Lionmark experts, where each pelt is scrutinized for possible discolorations, scratches, and other damages. Our photographers shot each stage of the handcrafting process using bright color leather instead of classic tones, while paying attention to how carefully each handbag is cut, sewn, and assembled by hand.

This culminated into a storyboard that illustrated how the techniques, skills, and talents of a true craftsman were applied for the creation of modern, fresh, and vibrant designs.

Entering the Digital Market

The company was very reluctant when it came to online sales, as it did not want to send the message that it was “abandoning” its physical presence, like many before them had. They were also concerned that an eshop would perhaps create the wrong impression for their products, making them seem more impersonal, and distancing them from their clients. For this reason they were looking for a quick and economical solution to test the waters. We developed a simple and clean eshop for them, focusing on the UX and UI design. We created a dedicated section that outlined their production process, as well as a section that carefully explained the origin and future of the brand. The creative and artistic direction chosen was fully inspired by leather textures, accentuating the handmade elements unique to the brand. More importantly, we set up an ordering process that played off the bespoke nature evident in the brand. No item was shown “in stock” as the company creates designs strictly on a “request only” basis. The ETA for each handbag was set to ten days, and the customers had the opportunity to request specific alterations on each item such as the selection of leather or the length of the straps. To maintain the personal relationship with each client, the eshop allowed the option for customers to pick up their orders from the Lionmark store. This gave customers the chance to discuss with the head craftsman about the handbag they had just purchased, and perhaps request some additional refinements on it, making each creation truly unique to them.

Evaluating the Outcome

From the launch of its new collection, the Lionmark name has enjoyed an impressive reception. Its customer base has increased both in online and offline sales. Its new designs have not only managed to appeal to a younger demographic – which was one of the main objectives – but they have served as a gateway for additional bespoke handbag orders. Their online presence has directly contributed to a staggering increase in physical purchases, as customers often place their order online but also schedule an appointment with the head craftsman to discuss their purchase. This has allowed Lionmark to maintain a personal relationship with each of their clients, and advance their bespoke services. Firmly believing that the techniques and craftsmanship passed on from one generation to the next can be applied to the creation of modern, custom-made designs, Lionmark has entered its new age simply by being timeless.